A Running Commentary (English Edition) por Ann Brennan

Titulo del libro: A Running Commentary (English Edition)

Autor: Ann Brennan

Número de páginas: 120 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: September 14, 2016

Editor: Ann's Running Commentary

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A Running Commentary (English Edition) por Ann Brennan

Ann Brennan con A Running Commentary (English Edition)

Running is so much more than putting one foot in front of the other. Through running I have learned how to be a stronger, more confident person. I have met and run with people from across the globe. I have learned lessons, not only about the run but about life, work and parenthood. Through Ann's Running Commentary I have shared many of these lessons. A Running Commentary is a culmination of these efforts. In A Running Commentary, I share the stories that my readers have found most compelling over the years. The ones I heard quoted at races and the ones I have seen shared by total strangers. A Running Commentary is for every runner, from the Boston Qualifying runner to the back of the pack crowd. It is a book meant to motivate and inspire you to lace up your shoes and get out there.