Sound Synthesis in Java (English Edition) por Evan Merz

Titulo del libro: Sound Synthesis in Java (English Edition)

Autor: Evan Merz

Número de páginas: 125 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 7, 2015

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Sound Synthesis in Java (English Edition) por Evan Merz

Evan Merz con Sound Synthesis in Java (English Edition)

Sound Synthesis in Java introduces sound synthesis concepts using the most widely taught programming language in the world, Java. Using the Beads library, it walks readers through the basics of sound generating programs all the way up through imitations of commercial synthesizers. In eleven chapters the book covers additive synthesis, modulation synthesis, subtractive synthesis, granular synthesis, MIDI keyboard input, rendering to audio files and more. Each chapter includes an explanation of the topic and examples that are as simple as possible so even beginning programmers can follow along. Part two of the book includes six projects that show the reader how to build arpeggiators, imitate an analog synthesizer, and create flowing soundscapes using granular synthesis.