The Unforgettable Hands of the Cause: Times with the Hands por Michael Woodward

Titulo del libro: The Unforgettable Hands of the Cause: Times with the Hands

Autor: Michael Woodward

Número de páginas: 239 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 3, 2015

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The Unforgettable Hands of the Cause: Times with the Hands por Michael Woodward

Michael Woodward con The Unforgettable Hands of the Cause: Times with the Hands

Praise of THE UNFORGETTABLE HANDS OF THE CAUSE received personally by the author when the book was published originally as a print book by the Baha'i Publishing Trust of India:

Red Grammer,Baha'i singer, songwriter, entertainer and father of "Honey, I'm Good" Andy Grammer wrote in the Goodreads website“This is one of my favorite books! It captures in sweet vignettes the profound love of these angels who were among us. Savor it one lovely paragraph at a time.”

"…simply love it! Started reading it immediately, and had a hard time putting it down. Your style is comfortable and very readable. I hope all readers will enjoy it as much as I do.” Evelyn Mussachia, former secretary to a member of the Universal House of Justice: “

"I finished the book this morning and thought it was excellent. I was moved to tears…" Leann McGerty, Pacific Region Senior Archeologist

“I got the book last night and jumped right in. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I have wept so much…I'm really enjoying. It's dignified, sensitive, insightful, intelligent and evokes memories that will never be effaced from my heart." Dr Duane Troxel, Chief Executive Officer at Communications Corporation

“I really love your book. Thank you for sharing all your precious moments with the Hands of the Cause. Truly inspiring!!" Nikan MowlavI, Baha'i pioneer

“…spiritually energizing.” Patrick Roberts, Hawaii-based Bagpiper

“Your wondrous book keeps me going day after day. I could not put it down and read and re-read it! We have all been yearning for spirit during this plan. Your book provided it.…“ Kathy Gilbert, New Zealand maidservant

"Just the other day I saw your book on the Hands and can hardly put it down. Not only is it well-written but it is a delightful contribution on two levels. One is for those of us who knew some of those dear souls it is a fragrant reminiscence. For generations yet unborn it is an intimate glimpse into the lives of that remarkable cadre who selflessly saved the world from extinction, bridging, untarnished, sources of infallibility to the body of mankind…Again many thanks for this wonderful contribution to the Bahá’ís...” John Kolstoe, popular Baha’i author

ABOUT THE BOOK: This book tells what it was like to be with the Hands of the Cause of God. It’s full of stories about and experiences with the Hands of the Cause from the early sixties through the passing of the last Hand of the Cause, Dr. ‘Ali-Muhammad Varqa in 2007. Stories include times with ‘Ali-Akbar Furútan, Ugo Giachery, Leroy Ioas, Dhikru’lláh Khádem, Amatu’l-Bahá Rúhiyyih Khánum, Paul Haney, Agnes Alexander, Enoch Olinga, William Sears, John Robarts, John Ferraby, Collis Featherstone, Rahmatu’lláh Muhájir, and Abu’l-Qásim Faizi in places as far apart as London, England; Lagos, Nigeria; Douala, Cameroon; Haifa and Akka, Israel; Taipei, Taiwan; Sydney, Australia; Palermo, Sicily; New York, Los Angeles, Wilmette and Honolulu in the U.S.

The book is a gift to those who had the bounty of knowing the Hands of the Cause and a gift to those in the future who will want to inhale the spiritual fragrance of nearness to them.This memoir will inspire the reader by gaining insights into the devotion and exemplary worldwide services of the Hands as seen at conventions, conferences, commemorations and at the pioneer posts of the Bahá'ís.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The author had the good fortune of working for two major world airlines which provided him with discounted and free plane tickets enabling him to attend Bahá'í events throughout the world during this wonderful period. The book includes gems from the mine of remembered times with the Hands. The lessons learned from the Hands of the Cause during those years provided him with valuable knowledge for teaching the Faith. These cherished memories of the Hands from over a period of almost four decades are a reservoir of personal moments and historical events.