Demons & Deliverance por H. A. Maxwell Whyte

Titulo del libro: Demons & Deliverance

Autor: H. A. Maxwell Whyte

Número de páginas: 190 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 6, 2015

Editor: Whitaker House

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Demons & Deliverance por H. A. Maxwell Whyte

H. A. Maxwell Whyte con Demons & Deliverance

Power-packed authority
Satanic activity continues to increase at an explosive rate. H. A. Maxwell Whyte provides practical answers to the most frequently asked questions about demons, including…
  • What exactly is a demon?
  • How does a person come under demonic influence?
  • Can we inherit evil spirits from our ancestors?
  • Can a believer be possessed?
  • How can Christians resist the powers of darkness?
  • Can just anybody cast out a demon?
  • Are there any dangers in casting out demons?
 Discover how you, as a Christian, have the authority to defeat oppression, addiction, sickness, mental problems, and unexplainable behavior with lasting results.