Freestyle: Illustrating Urban Fashion por Sandu Publishing

Titulo del libro: Freestyle: Illustrating Urban Fashion

Autor: Sandu Publishing

Fecha de lanzamiento: September 1, 2017

ISBN: 1584236701

Editor: Gingko Press

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Freestyle: Illustrating Urban Fashion por Sandu Publishing

Sandu Publishing con Freestyle: Illustrating Urban Fashion

Graphic tees have been around for decades now, representing aspects of our lives we are not afraid to share in public, from social and political affiliations to artistic and musical preferences, lifestyle pursuits or sense of humor. Free Style focuses on one distinct style of this artwork on apparel: the simple line illustration. Whether representational or abstract, there is a looseness there, a studied playfulness which appeals to our sense of whimsy. Brands respond by commissioning some of the worlds best artists to create graphics that speak to their consumers while exemplifying their graphic identities. Not limited to t-shirts, this survey includes sneakers, hats, glasses and accessories, all displaying this casualness of form.