The Circle Game - Book 2 por Liam Farrell

Titulo del libro: The Circle Game - Book 2

Autor: Liam Farrell

Número de páginas: 240 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: May 1, 2017

ISBN: 099549052X

Editor: Blaw Wearie Books

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The Circle Game - Book 2 por Liam Farrell

Liam Farrell con The Circle Game - Book 2

Páginas: 240 Géneros: 12:WTH:Travel & holiday guides 12:WSQ:Cycling Sinopsis: Liam Farrell was a smoker, drank more than was good for him and was generally unhealthy. One night in October 1996 he decided that life had to change. That moment set him on the road (literally) to a love of cycling that he now shares with the world.In this the second book in a series of three, he once again shows his enduring love of &lsquo,The Circle Game ,. He sets off to explore Argyll and the Trossachs with his usual candour, humour and insight the people and the history of the places he visits. ,For cyclists and non-cyclists alike, this is a life-affirming book that will both inspire and entertain. ,_,