Essential Upstream Kanban por Patrick STEYAERT

Titulo del libro: Essential Upstream Kanban

Autor: Patrick STEYAERT

Número de páginas: 54 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 27, 2018

ISBN: 098452147X

Editor: Lean-Kanban University

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Essential Upstream Kanban por Patrick STEYAERT

Patrick STEYAERT con Essential Upstream Kanban

Páginas: 54 Géneros: 12:UM:Computer programming / software development 12:KJM:Management & management techniques 12:KJMP:Project management Sinopsis: Ideas for fulfilling customer needs can be generated ,much faster than they can actually be realized. This is ,the source of much tension between the organization ,and its customers, but also within the organization itself.Upstream Kanban isn ,t so much about &ldquo,managing ,flow,&rdquo, ,as seen with downstream, Delivery Kanban systems. Instead, ,it is about marshaling options&mdash,having enough ,choices at the right time, without overburdening the ,system and the workers who generate those options.Discover the mechanisms of Upstream Kanban and ,Customer Kanban for better enterprise business agility._,